CTOS Center for Radiological Nuclear Training
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Over the years, the CTOS contribution to national preparedness has been substantial, training responders from all 50 states and each U.S. territory. Since September 11, 2001, more than 270,000 first responders have been trained, through resident, mobile, virtual, web based and train the trainer programs.

Today, the various CTOS programs meet the training and education needs of more than 20,000 first responders in state, local, and tribal governments each year.

… And other skilled support personnel who provide immediate support services during prevention, response, and recovery operations.


All CTOS courses are offered at NO COST to eligible Participants.


The CTOS Web Campus provides DHS/FEMA certified courses regarding radiological and nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction topics to our nation's emergency responders. Some courses are for entry-level understanding and are designed to help students prepare for additional CTOS instructor led training. Other courses are designed as refresher training for those that have already completed an instructor led class taught by CTOS.


PER-354 Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Incidents Course

"I can speak for all of us that came out there for this class that it was one of the best training courses that we have ever been to"... "the training was very informative"... "the instructors were excellent"… "I thought that everything was first rate". "I left the test site with the knowledge that if God forbid we have a problem in our area I can better respond and survive with the knowledge you all provided. I believe in this training so much that I am sending my entire Traffic Unit through to receive the training."

A Drug Recognition Expert/SFST Instructor with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Traffic Unit

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