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pdf iconKey Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism, August 2009


pdf iconPlanning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation, Second Edition, June 2010


pdf iconRadiation Detector Instrument's Table


pdf iconRadiation Detector Theory Study Guide


pdf iconWMD Definitions for Use in the DHS/FEMA Course Materials Developed by CTOS, March 2014



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RadResponder Network is free for use by staff members of any governmental organization (federal, state, local, or tribal) who could be involved in a radiological emergency response. Accounts will also be granted to relevant industry, academic, and non-profit organizations on a case-by-case basis; e.g. nuclear power plants and radiological laboratories.  



Reducing Consequences
of Nuclear Detonation

Presented by Brooke Buddemeier, a certified health physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, January 2010.

Buddemeier video