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Training America’s First Responders Since 1998 . . . CTOS Celebrates 100,000th Student


July 2014

In the NewsCTOS - Center for Rad/Nuc Training at the Nevada National Security Site’s Program recently celebrated the training of its 100,000th student.   Laurie Flak, a firefighter and paramedic from Jacksonville, Fla., was presented with a certificate, a CTOS coin, shirt and hat upon her arrival at the Hazardous Materials Technician course on August 9, 2010. The course, which is conducted at the Nevada National Security Site and overseen by the National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office (NNSA/NSO) and National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec), trains emergency response personnel from across the nation on how to respond to a radiological or nuclear weapon of mass destruction such as a radiological dispersal device or improvised nuclear device.

The remote site is surrounded by thousands of additional acres of land withdrawn from the public domain for use as a protected wildlife range and for a military gunnery range, creating an unpopulated land area comprising some 5,470 square miles. 

During the presentation, NSTec CTOS Program Manager Dennis Dugan applauded the entire class of 100 first responders for their service to the country and spoke about the importance of the CTOS training. "We understand that you know how to perform your emergency response duties. However, we also understand that each first responder needs additional training to respond to the unthinkable event of the detonation of a radiological weapon of mass destruction," Dugan said.