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CTOS Supports Mass Fatality Exercise Ahead of SuperBowl XLVIII


July 2013

Superbowl XLVIIIWorking with the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, CTOS-Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training conducted a four-day PER-240 WMD Rad/Nuc Responder Operations Course, preparing the area’s responders for the upcoming 2014 Super Bowl in Bergen County, New Jersey. The course supported operations and training requirements for the Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, a consortium of public safety agencies comprised of responders from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Members from nine County agencies, seven state agencies, three regional offices, and five federal agencies took part in the training evolution and contributed to the success of the mission.

Dubbed the 2013 Regional Mass Fatality Management Response System Exercise, the objective was to train and evaluate response capabilities and limitations of local, state, regional, and federal personnel along with their assets during a mass fatality incident with regards to the detonation of a radiologically contaminated explosive device at a major event. The training goal was accomplished using the expertise of the CTOS training staff and training materials and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for Handling Decedents Contaminated with Radioactive Materials. Although this training evolution was based on a terrorist attack scenario, the knowledge learned and skills gained could be equally applied to a natural or environmental disaster.

Instructors from the CTOS-Center for Rad/Nuc Training New York Office were essential in the planning and development of realistic exercise scenarios that led to the successful execution of the conducted training and evaluation exercise. The four-day training and exercise program was delivered by a CTOS Mobile Training Team at the Bergen County Public Safety Academy in Mahwah, NJ. With over 90 participants, this class was larger than any other single delivery of the Responder Ops Course CTOS had previously conducted. Class size necessitated splitting the participants into multiple groups for the final exercise to receive the full benefit of the training. CTOS staff provided expertise and oversight for the final exercise as well as an evaluation mechanism for the completion of training and input for the After Action Report.