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All CTOS courses are offered at NO COST to eligible participants.


There is no cost for state, local, and tribal first responders or CST members to attend CTOS courses.


This Federally-funded training is offered within the Federal Emergency Management Agency/National Preparedness Directorate (FEMA/NPD) U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Resident Courses held at the NNSS, the program pays travel and per-diem expenses for all students but does not provide funds to backfill. Title 10 federal employees may attend resident courses on a space available basis but must provide their own travel and per diem funding.  


Mobile Training courses can be scheduled for first responders and CST personnel as long as the agency can meet the minimum number of students for a class. Federal employees may also be invited by the host organization during MTT delivered training. Neither travel nor per-diem is provided for MTT students, and the host is required to provide the necessary training facilities to conduct the training as written.


Training America’s first responders to prevent or respond to terrorist’s use of radiological or nuclear WMD is a CTOS priority. CTOS continuously strives to develop and deliver the most realistic and highest quality training in support of this priority.





             Train Nevada
              - - at a Glance - -
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Authentic ground zeros
  • High-hazard venues
  • Unique training opportunities
  • Training is completely safe, but is neither simulated nor virtual
  • Certified training programs designed by DHS and fully accredited
  • Classroom instruction in Las Vegas, NV
  • Practical “hands-on” training at the former Nevada Test Site, now the Nevada National Security Site
  • Training supplied at no cost
  • Costs underwritten by DHS. All expenses paid for non-federal employees. To find out if your organization or agency is qualified, call 877.963.2867 or email ctosreg@nv.doe.gov.