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Web Campus FAQs

Q.  How to get started on Preceptor?

1. Log into your account at www.nts-ctos.com
2. Select the "course catalog" located at the upper left of the screen.  
3. Select the "show" link located to the right of the WBT AWR-140-W online course description.
4. You should see four links on this next page . . . 1.0 Pre-Test, 2.0 WBT, 3.0 Post-Test, and the AWR-140-W Evaluation.

5. Begin 2.0 WBT, then the 3.0 Post-Test, and then the Evaluation.


After you complete all modules in the 2.0 WBT you can go back to this screen and select the Post-Test and the Evaluation to finish the course.  Your transcript will show completed.  You can also print your certificate.

Q. What is a FEMA SID?    
A.  A FEMA Student Identification (SID) number is a unique number generated and assigned to anyone who needs or is required to take training provided by a FEMA organization. Your FEMA SID uniquely identifies you throughout the FEMA organization and all of its agencies. The goal is for your FEMA SID to serve as your personal identification number instead of your Social Security Number (SSN) in support of FEMA’s effort to decrease/cease the use of SSN for identifying and track training for individuals. To obtain a FEMA SID visit:  https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid.


Q. Who Needs a FEMA SID?   
A.  A FEMA SID is required to register for and participate in any training provided by FEMA. Without a FEMA SID you may not be eligible for training at FEMA training facilities. CTOS – Center for Rad/Nuc training will require a FEMA SID for all of the training they provide. The FEMA SID number stays with you for a minimum of 40 years, so once you obtain a number you won’t need to do it again.


Q. Why do I need a FEMA SID?    
A.  A FEMA SID is required to register for and participate in any training provided by FEMA agencies. All FEMA training providers’ registration systems and enrollment procedures require a valid FEMA SID. Your FEMA SID serves as your personal identification number and merges/links/connects/combines all of your FEMA training records under one account to simplify keeping track of all your FEMA training accomplishments.


Q. I’m having trouble accessing the final exam in the AWR-140-W online course. What can I do to get to the exam?   
A.  The final exam will show up only when you have completed all the modules in the course. Ensure that you scroll through the entire course and get to the last page before attempting the final exam.


If you are using Internet Explorer, enable the Compatibility View. Enabling this will help ensure your course will be marked complete once all modules in the course are finished.


Try refreshing the class transcript page after you completed all the modules in the class. To enable Compatibility View – Select “Tools” from the toolbar, click “Compatibility View” from the drop down. If you don’t see a menu bar (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools) then click the F10 button on your keyboard.


Q. I finished the online course but it won’t show I completed it. Why?    
A.  There is a mandatory evaluation that must be completed before the system will mark you complete. The evaluation is located on the “class transcript” page along with the course modules and the test.


You must achieve a 70% or higher to pass the AWR-140-W course. Other courses may have different criteria; check the catalog for more information. The training catalog can be found at: http://www.ctosnnsa.org/ctoscoursecatalog/index.html


Q. I attempted to take the refresher course and the website said I was not eligible. Why?   
A.  The online refreshers have a mandatory prerequisite; the instructor led course prerequisite must be complete before the access to the refresher is granted.


Participants with the prerequisites completed must use their existing web campus account to access the online refreshers. The system will check the individual’s transcript records before granting access. New accounts will not have the transcript history; therefore will not be granted access. To obtain your existing web campus information contact 877-612-HELP (4357) or email precep@nv.doe.gov


Q. How do I know if I already have an existing account?   
A.  If you have previously attended a CTOS course (instructor led or online) you already have an account established in our web campus. To obtain your log in information call 877-612-HELP (4357) for assistance or email us at: precep@nv.doe.gov


Q. My account shows out dated information. Do I update the existing account or create a new one?    
A.  You should always update your existing account to ensure your training records are kept together. Update contact information by going to the “account info” section and selecting “user properties.”


Do not create a new user account in order to update your information. Your transcript history will not automatically transfer to a new account. This could alter your ability to take online courses that have prerequisite requirements.


Q. How can I see what training I have completed?   
A.  To view the training you have completed with CTOS, select “account info” then “transcript.”


Q. How do I get my certificate?    
A.  Select "account info" click on the "transcript" hyperlink. Select the name of the class, then you will see the print certificate option.


All online course certificates are available immediately upon successful completion of the course.


Copies of CTOS Instructor led course certificates are available after the registration paperwork is processed and may take up to 2 to 3 weeks.