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PER-241 WMD Radiological/Nuclear Course for Hazardous Materials Technicians Course LEARN MORE

"I can speak for all 5 of us that came out there for this class that it was one of the best training courses that we have ever been to"... "the training was very informative"... "the instructors were excellent"… "I thought that everything was first rate". "I left the test site with the knowledge that if God forbid we have a problem in our area I can better respond and survive with the knowledge you all provided. I believe in this training so much that I am sending my entire Traffic Unit through to receive the training."
A Drug Recognition Expert/SFST Instructor with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Traffic Unit



"I have spoken individually with each officer who has attended the training. Each one very much enjoyed the class. I received the most positive feedback regarding the hands on exercises while at the Nevada National Security Site."


"As I attended the training, it is my opinion that the class is very informative, well-taught and explained, and the instructors are well prepared. The travel arrangements and schedule could not be any easier. Travel was simple and well planned. I would highly recommend this training to all emergency responders. It was a privilege to attend."
Chief of Police for the Wellford Police Department in Wellford, SC



"Well, let me say this. In my 12 years with the Police Department, I have been able to travel across the US for different forms of training. I will have to say that the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) ranks as the best training I have ever received.

  • The Staff is great. From the registration to the classroom and especially the hands on. They are there to assist.
  • They understand that the material is difficult, but slowly get everyone to understand.
  • The training facilities are top notch. Where else can you go to a location that is "historic" (NNSS) for training?
  • The accommodations are great as is the food. Even the box lunches that we had were good.
  • The material is something that is relevant to our jobs and is something that can and will happen one day. The more folks that are trained the better!
  • No cost to the agencies is win-win. Training for free is a benefit to the department and the citizens of Corpus Christi Texas. I hope that I can attend another one of your courses in the near future… Thank you again"

An Officer with the Corpus Christi, TX Police Department


"All of us from Charlotte County Fire/EMS Special Operations that attended the WMD RAD/NUK HAZMAT TECH class... would like to extend a note of gratitude for a job well done. Your team performed above and beyond any of our expectations!" 

"As HAZMAT/WMD/USAR Tech’s we can’t stress enough how paramount this class was to our team. We came into this class with a basic knowledge of Rad/Nuc and left with a working knowledge and understanding at a technician level. This is a true testament to all involved with this program. This class was by far the most professional, well-built class we have ever attended. It truly held our interest from start to finish. The knowledge we gained from this class is priceless. Every one of you from Director, Instructors, Planning, Logistics, Finance, Safety and all others involved should be proud! We are all a team in this and look forward to working with you all again in the near future."

Team member, Charlotte County Florida, Fire/EMS


"I am writing to you today to thank you for your outstanding assistance in making our multijurisdictional training effort a reality. I was so impressed with your responsiveness and your organizational efforts. I have taken training from organizations such as American Society of Safety Engineers, National Safety Council, National Fire Protection Association, etc. and they could take lessons from you in how to run a training program. To sum it up in one word I would say your efforts were - Awesome!"


"We have discussed the outcomes of the training, the professionalism of the instructors and content of the curriculum and we have made a conscious decision to continue to support this training from our Emergency Organization and to recommend this class to other parts of our company which are located around the various Department of Energy sites. You offer such a great class that so many people can benefit from. I look forward to continuing our partnership with your program."
Chief, Campbell County 18 Emergency Team


"I just wanted to drop a line with you about the class last week. I was completely impressed with the training, staff, and instructors." 

"I have been to many training classes and I put this one in the top five. The logistics of getting us everywhere in Las Vegas and at the NNSS seemed to go flawlessly. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with guys like me that don’t have a background in radiological emergencies. I never felt like I was wasting my time and there was very little down time with all the information and drills they packed into the class. Tonight I will be sending a department wide email to encourage more of our firefighters to attend and gain some valuable knowledge!"

Battalion Chief



PER-240 WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Operations Course LEARN MORE
"The class was AWESOME! You guys really know your stuff and know how to present it in a way that was fun and informative." 

An Emergency Medical Technician, Cedar City, UT



""I had a great time in the class last week. I learned more about radiation in this course, than I have learned so far in my career. The class was full of valuable information. The instructors were very knowledgeable and made extremely great use of the time. --- I have been recommending the class to everyone I know. This was one of the best and most professional run courses I have ever been involved in."." 

Firefighter, St. Johns County Fire Rescue, FL