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All CTOS courses are offered at NO COST to eligible Participants. LEARN MORE


Enrollment Information: In order to attend a training class delivered by one of the FEMA/NPD training partners, a request must be submitted to the designated U.S. Department of Homeland Security training point of contact. For a Training Coordinator in your area, please call 877.963.2867 or email ctosmttreg@nv.doe.gov.

The CTOS instructor staff consists of police officers, firefighters, emergency managers, radiological and nuclear subject matter experts, emergency medical services, Civil Support Team (CST) members, retired and active-duty responders, and personnel with extensive military experience. CTOS relies on the expertise of this multitalented group to assist in the development and delivery of courses that meet the needs of their communities.


MTT courses can be requested by first responders in their local communities as long as they can meet the required minimum class size. If needed, other state, local, or tribal first responders can be invited to the MTT course to complete the class size requirement. The requesting group provides the training venue and CTOS provides the instructors and the required specialized equipment, if needed. Students are welcome to use and train on their organization’s detection gear.

CTOS Mobile Training Courses
(Click on the Title to get detailed information about each course)

Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations
Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement
Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for EMS/Healthcare
Primary Screener/Personal Radiation Detector
Secondary Screener/Radiation Isotope Identifier Device (SS/RIID)
PRND Backpack Operations for the Primary Screener
Secondary Screener/Radiation Isotope Identifier Device Refresher Course
Primary Screener/Personal Radiation Detector Refresher
Population Monitoring at Community Reception Centers
Population Monitoring at Community Reception Centers
Radiation Instruments Operations
Personal Protective Equipment-Mission Specific Competencies
Operations Level Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD
Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection Backpack Refresher
Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection Maritime Operations Course
Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection Team Leader
Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Incidents
Radiation Instruments Employment
Operations Level Response to Radiological/Nuclear WMD for EMS/Healthcare
Nuclear Detonation Response Operations
Radiological Operations Support Specialist Training

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Training is provided at no cost to eligible participants

In recent years, over 13,000 First Responders trained annually.

All CTOS courses are subject to a DHS certification process that utilizes third-party subject matter experts to validate the content of the course materials and ensure that the lessons are meeting industry standards and regulations. In addition to all courses undergoing certification, all CTOS instructors must complete the DHS and NDPC Instructor Certification Programs. Instructors all possess both DHS and NDPC Instructor Certifications, which provides CTOS with a consistent approach to ensuring only highly skilled instructors with both field and classroom experience deliver DHS-sponsored training.


Comments from a Secondary Screener/Radiation Isotope Identifier Device Class held in Brooklyn, NY:


“This training is exceptional.
I enjoyed every phase.
Your professionalism changed my perspective about this Country.
I realized another facet of the
blood and sweat that keeps this
Country free.”