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Indirect Training Program

CTOS maintains an Indirect Training Program that authorizes training personnel to conduct specific CTOS courses of instruction in their home state or jurisdiction. These courses are certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency/National Training and Education Division (DHS/FEMA/NTED). This program is available to local agency personnel that have successfully completed a CTOS Train-the-Trainer Course of Instruction.

Indirect authorized trainers are approved by NTED through CTOS and are eligible to conduct the respective training at NO DIRECT COST. Indirect delivery authorizes all subsequent successfully trained students to receive applicable FEMA training credits as well as any additional certifications or credits associated with the course.


Requirements To Become and Maintain Indirect Trainer Status:

  • A current copy of Resume must be submitted;
  • A letter of support nominating you as a Trainer must be submitted by your agency;
  • Be approved by your State Administrative Agency (SAA);
  • Be an employee or volunteer of an agency that will support the training with a minimum of five years of experience in the field of study;
  • Must successfully complete the Train-the-Trainer course;
  • Must submit instructor credentials that include an instructional methodology course and proof that you are an approved instructor for your agency, region or state;
  • For Awareness level courses, you should have completed training that meets the intent of NFPA 472, chapters 4 and 5 (Awareness and Operations levels) or its equivalent;
  • Agree to conduct a minimum of three courses per calendar year.

  • Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned training requirements to become an Indirect Train-the-Trainer at NO COST to the participant, CTOS has the following courses offered in the Train-the-Trainer format for Indirect delivery:

    Course # Course Name
    AWR-140 Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations
    PER-243 Primary Screener/Personal Radiation Detector Course
    AWR-346 Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement (LE)
    AWR-350 Introduction to Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/Health Care

    CTOS has three levels of recognition for deliveries of indirect awareness courses within a calendar year. Failure to meet the minimum delivered courses will result in loss of your CTOS Instructor Certification.


    Levels of Recognition
    Alpha.....Successful delivery of three courses or 75 students
    Beta......Successful delivery of six courses or 150 students
    Gamma.....Successful delivery of nine courses or 225 students

    To Schedule a Course: Contact an Indirect Trainer Staff at 877.963.2867, option #4 or send an email 4 weeks prior to training start date:

  • CTOS Indirect Trainer:   ctosindirect@nv.doe.gov

  • NOTE:

  • A Indirect Training Request Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Indirect Trainer Staff 4 weeks prior to course delivery start date.






    FEMA Student Identification link

    Target Audience

    • State and Local First Responders
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Emergency Management Agency
    • Fire Service
    • Government Administrative
    • Hazardous Materials Personnel
    • Law Enforcement
    • Healthcare
    • Public Health
    • Public Safety Communications
    • Public Works
    • Other skilled support personnel
      who provide immediate
      support services during prevention, response, and recovery operations

    Training is provided at no cost to eligible participants


    U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA/NPD funding is used for: developing and delivering courses, transportation, food, and housing for students attending residence courses.


    In recent years, over 13,000 First Responders trained annually.

    All CTOS courses are subject to a DHS certification process that utilizes third-party subject matter experts to validate the content of the course materials and ensure that the lessons are meeting industry standards and regulations. In addition to all courses undergoing certification, all CTOS instructors must complete the DHS and NDPC Instructor Certification Programs. Instructors all possess both DHS and NDPC Instructor Certifications, which provides CTOS with a consistent approach to ensuring only highly skilled instructors with both field and classroom experience deliver DHS-sponsored training.