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Emergency Operation Training Academy (EOTA), Federal Radiological Monitoring Assessment Center (FRMAC), Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) Courses

Course # Course Name
EOTA CMP-101DW Operations Overview for Consequence Management
EOTA CMP-104DW Health and Safety Overview
EOTA CMP-105DW Analysis Leadership Training
EOTA CMP-108DW Technical Training for CM Managers
EOTA CMP-109DW Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Response Training
EOTA CMP-110DW Assessment Scientist Training
EOTA CMP-112DW Field Monitoring Team Training, Introduction
EOTA CMP-114DW Monitoring Division Manager Training, Introduction
EOTA CMP-116DW Sample Control Training, Introduction
EOTA CMP-123DW Geographical Information System (GIS) Overview
EOTA CMP-124DW CMO Overview for NNSA
EOTA ERM-100DW Asset Overview
EOTA-NARAC-101 NARAC Dispersion Modeling
NARAC Web FRMAC Assessment Science Awareness
RAP ERM-169DW Documentation of Field Data during a FRMAC Response
RAP-112DW Health and Safety
RAP-130DW Data Processing Systems
RAP-141DW Principles of Navigation
RAP-150DW Principles of Radiation
RAP-160DW Information Security of RAP Responders
RAP-163DW Explosive Threat Awareness
RAP-165DW NNSA Response Assets Overview
RAP-166DW Mission Planning
RAP-168DW DOE Policy and Procedures
RAP-169DW Principles of Record-Keeping and Information Management
RAP-170DW Response Agency Network
RAP-171DW Radiological-Related Crime Scene Interface
RAP-180DW Training Practices and Instructor Development
RAP-190DW RAP Overview